Review: The Face Shop Myeonghan Miindo Yul Sibigyeongrak Lifting Mask Sheet

I bought this mask from my Seoul trip in Nov 2014. The Face Shop Myeonghan Miindo Yul Sibigyeongrak Lifting Mask Sheet is a highly enriched wrinkle improving Oriental lifting mask sheet that adheres to the skin tightly and supports clearly defined facial contours.

It employs the loess gujeunggupo manufacturing method which is an Oriental herb processing technique that maximizes the efficacy of Oriental herbs by steaming and drying under sunlight 9 times over. It was made with Oriental herbs grown in Korea containing chilbomiryeoguhyodan which is extracts of 7 different Oriental herbs.

  1. Achyranthes fauriel root
  2. Wolfporia cocos
  3. Hemsley plant
  4. Angelica gigas
  5. Dodder
  6. Lycium Chinese Miller 
  7. Long rhizome ginseng 

It also contains Sibigyeongrak.  

The mask consists of an upper piece and a lower piece. It has a light smell of ginseng. It adheres to my skin tightly.

There were more remaining essence on my lower face as compared to my forehead when I removed the mask after 15 minutes. I just massaged the essence onto my face.

If you read Korean, the instructions on the packaging teach you to massage the 12 acupoints on your face after removal of the mask.

I am unable to see the effect of the lifting immediately. The moisturizing effect was average. I guess you need to put this more often to see the lifting results in long term.

Price: Unsure
Where to buy: The Face Shop
Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Repurchase: Hard to say
Country of origin: South Korea


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