Ranting on a Wednesday 

I first wrote this on Instagram when I posted the below photo of my Starbucks Chai Latte.

Of Cos, I posted a nicer photo on my Instagram with a filter and a border. 

I was craving for Chai Latte after I came back from Australia but was still sick after catching a long lasting cough and perhaps an Australian flu bug. Finally, I got much better today and quickly grabbed a cup at Starbucks when I was running an errand.

I decided to extend my ranting on my blog since I have not updated my blog for quite some time. That’s the thing. I wanted to blog a lot of things but I don’t have the time to do it. Oh yes, I have time to login Instagram and post a few pics (though the frequency reduces), login Facebook and check out friends’ latest post or update or sharing of videos and time to check out Melissa shoes online but no time to blog. Well, a lot of times, those things I mentioned, I do it before my sleep and it helps me to fall asleep. 

I don’t know where my time went to. 

I had a cup of chai latte at Starbucks. I just want to sit down, sip my tea and slow down my pace. I chatted with my friends (and my best friends who I have not sat down with them for a Long time) for less than an hour and they had to go. I prepared my Carousell items for posting. No. It’s not a business. Just a way to get rid of my things and recoup my losses (spent too much in the past buying too many things) but it’s too much time and effort to sell off the things at way Low prices. The staff at Starbucks cleared off my empty cups and there’s nothing left on the table except my items that I wanted to mail. It made me feel like they are chasing me away. I had to hurry up doing my stuff. 

I walked a distance to the post office which made me think if I should waste my time in such a way. The SAM machine was not working and I had to queue to weigh my items and to purchase stamps. Queue was short. In fact, I was next in queue but the customer in front of me was doing a transaction that was not related to postage. I thought I was in the priority queue to purchase stamps. Yes, I was. But I guess no one was in this queue earlier and the staff decided to serve a customer from other queue. The queue behind me was building up. I was getting a little impatient. I supposed to have all the time in this world for today. But should I waste my time away?

Time is never enough for me. I was always rushing here and there. I almost broke down on Monday when my iphone broke down cos I need to rush to Apple service centre and to see my GP for my non recovering cough and a sudden ear infection. I don’t have so much time in that afternoon. I felt stressed. Why do I have to rush on a day that I was on medical leave and supposed to rest?

Stress caused my health upside down. The Breast cancer scare last year did not slow down my pace. Whichever specialist I have seen for all different medical problems, relate my problems to (only one thing, that is) stress for the past few years. The only one that did not was my orthopaedic doctor.

Having a peaceful Wednesday, thanks to my lasting cough that earned me 3 days of medical leave. I felt so sorry to my colleagues as I was away for 2 weeks and now, another 3 days. I was still worried about my work in the last 2 days but decided not to think about it today as tomorrow worries will come the next day. I went back to office yesterday afternoon to clear my emails as I just couldn’t stop myself worrying the day I return to office. I used to love my job. Or rather, I do enjoy working. I believe in putting my best effort in my job and do well in it. I think I’m a workaholic. I should just do my own business. At least, if I reap my rewards, it’s my rewards! You know what I meant… Being appreciated by employer or customers are equally important. Job satisfaction comes from compensation plan and appreciation. Being engaged is important. A happy employee will bring more profits for the company as employees are the ones that are linked to the customers. They are the foundation. My ranting went out of point. I want to rant about slowing down my pace today. So I’m gonna stop ranting on the above work topic.

My life is not sold to my work/job/company. Should I work so hard? Yes? No? Question is the right person must see you putting in the right effort at the right time. That needs a bit of luck. Work hard? Workhorse. Let me see how I can let go of my belief in putting the best effort in whatever I do. I guess it’s a little hard. It’s in me. It’s my character. Even if I work in Brisbane, I may still work beyond 5pm. Haha. I guess I need luck in my life. 

Money is never enough. Time is money. To have more time (it’s still 24/7, we can’t extend time. I meant just more quality time), you need more money. Why? So that you can perhaps work less or no need to work, yet still no need to worry about bills and spending. So here we are, working hard to earn money, hopefully to have more time later on but cause a distress to our bodies and we don’t have time left to listen to the rain dropping, to slowly sip a cup of tea or to watch how the children have grown or how the world has changed. 

Life… It’s ironic, isn’t it?

Or can we have less money and more time? Is there an equation on this? I wonder. Can we live on less money? 

There are families who survive on a monthly income of less than S$3k a month. We always wonder how. Middle income families in Singapore normally have an average income of at least $8k-$10k based on double incomes of Husband and Wife (based on my estimate after working in the mortgage industry). I heard comments from friends who alone earn >S$10k on “how to survive if one only earn S$5k a month?”. Hey, many survived, without LV, Chanel or Prada. Of cos, they may not heard of Hermes. I can’t afford Hermes.

It’s the life we want. Like the new TV show on channel 8 9pm, the lead actor said,”don’t worry be happy. No money also can be happy.” 

Most people would rather to have money to be unhappy than no money and unhappy,

Enough ranting. Just some thoughts on a Wednesday which time passes so fast. In a blink of an eye (or rather after I came to the end of writing this Long winded blog), it’s already 330pm. OMG! 1 hour had past! My cough is slightly better but still not good but my mind is much clearer than the past week.

Melbourne is (to me) a fast paced city, just slower than Singapore. Most people like Melbourne as they said it’s beautiful. They loved the architecture, the free city trams and the museum. Yes. The architecture is nice. I love the museum too. But I prefer the city like Brisbane which is much more like Singapore, yet with a more relaxing and much slower pace than Singapore. Fresh air. Free beach playgrounds in the city. Free daily storytelling in the libraries. Free wifi. Free city boat rides. It’s boring to many. But to me, a slower pace, a clearer sky and a healthier mind.

Singapore, as I walked along the open roofed multi storey carpark, with a cool weather as it had just rained, the air smell fresher than usual, the land seems bigger than usual, the trees seem greener than usual and I walked slower than usual. Even the shopping mall looks gigantic which I never ever notice that it was such a huge shopping mall till today.

I’m Glad it rained today. I didn’t sleep this afternoon. But I feel good. To have more time, just to laze, to read newspapers, to blog, to hear the raindrops dripping, to have a home cooked lunch and to read. 

I ranted. To my readers, or rather, to the one who just drop by curiously to see my rant, this is just my current thoughts. It doesn’t represent views of anyone but my personal. It may not be right, or wrong. There’s no right or wrong. You may agree or disagree. You may be angry or upset. But it’s just a post. I write. I may forget. Just treat this as a random read. I don’t mean any harm to anyone. And, Please pardon my grammar. Like what I said, I’m just ranting.

And I’m positive again! 


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