Zulily: Great Shopping Site

I heard of Zulily many times, especially when I googled for clothing and shoes brands. However, I never try it till one day, I subscribed to the mailing list. I deleted the weekly emails. I thought to myself that it’s just another website similar to My Habit or Rue La La. But it’s not exactly…

Zulily offers shipping to Singapore at affordable price. Sometimes, it even offers free shipping during promotion. To be frank, I think I am addicted to Zulily now.
I started shopping on Saturday when I was googling on Zaxy shoes. Zaxy is a sister brand of Melissa, the plastic or jelly shoes from Brazil. I became a fan of Melissa since my purchases from Bangkok in April 2016. I was a fan of FitFlop since I got pregnant in 2011.

I came across cheap prices of Zaxy shoes in Zulily as it was having an event. The shipping was only S$9.90 regardless of the number of pairs of shoes I ordered. Hence, I gathered my friends and colleagues and started taking orders in order for us to share the shipping cost. I ordered the shoes on Saturday.

After this order, Zulily gave me a free shipping (not for all items) to Singapore for my subsequent orders which I need to order by 11.59pm on Sunday. Wow! Free shipping and their prices are so reasonable.

I began shopping for some children clothes. However, in Zulily, fastest finger win! Since I have free shipping, I should have just select and order first, then shop for other items. Due to slow shopping, the items I wanted were gone! It happened to the Zaxy shoes I wanted. In just 10 minutes while asking my friends if they want, my shoes were gone!

Tips for shopping in Zulily:

  1. Sign up for their daily deals updates, so you won’t miss out on any deals
  2. Download the Zulily app for shopping as it supposed to have some additional benefits 
  3. With the app, it makes shopping much more easier at your fingertips
  4. Fastest finger win. If you see something you love (much more than like), you better grab it and make payment, especially if it indicate “only 1 left”!
  5. I will compare “USD” or “SGD”. Zulily is still reasonable when converting USD to SGD. If you choose USD, the bank will normally charge you a minimum administrative charge of 2.5% after currency conversion on the SGD amount.
  6. If you choose “SGD”, remember to pay with Visa instead of MasterCard as the DCC charge by the bank is 0.8% instead of 1%. Hence, remember that the amount that you made payment in Zulily is the the final nett amount.
  7. Zulily has many new brands, which I will google to find out more before I purchase.
  8. Zulily‘s strike through price may not be accurate. Always do your research to do comparison on the prices.
  9. Sign up for free with Zulily and start saving when you shop.

Zulily is a great online shopping website for mummies. Lot of things to buy for your children and lots of things for you to buy and pamper yourself. Click here to register for free! 


About Rei

A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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