My SHINHWA story

I’m also afraid to like this 18 years old group as I don’t want to back track to 1998 when I just entered university. It’s about half of my lifetime. This group comprises of pretty good looking men, which I hope they are straight men. Haha. As a woman entering her big 40 in the next few years, I’m glad I like this group of men of my age. It’s not some young Korean pretty boy that I’m crazy over. The oldest of the group is the man I like first. He’s older than me by maybe 10 months. There are 2 other members whose birthdays are so close to mine. I guess I heard of this group but never really take notice of them. I was not keen in flower boys but I like them now cos they are matured men. I find myself ridiculous to having an idol and/ or idols as I am a mummy of 2 young kids approaching 40. I told a girlfriend that I envy her being single in some ways as she still has the right to fantasize over these suave looking men, dating and passionate love that we seen in Korean dramas. Maybe, I will write a blog on this when I have the time. For now, please enjoy Shinhwa.

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To be very honest, I never thought I’ll ever blog about something Shinhwa related. Why? It’s because my sis and I have always feared the thought of liking this 15-year-old group. Yes, we feared it. You may ask again, why? Because we thought, if we do end up liking Shinhwa, there will be so much that we will have to catch up with; as in 15 years worth of activities, albums, and history. You can say that we’re just being lazy that’s why we feared the thought of “backtracking”, but then, the inevitable happened anyway.

One summer day, we were just surfing the net, we were on YouTube, then we suddenly asked each other “Why don’t we watch a music video of Shinhwa?”. We’ve always been wondering what type of music does Shinhwa do that’s why we decided to search for a music video. It was on the 28th…

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