Review: Feelre Spa Royal Jelly Mask Sheet

I bought this Feelre Spa Royal Jelly Mask Sheet from Guardian Health & Beauty Pharmacy maybe last year. I tried it but I didn’t review it as I was busy. I decided to do it now since the last piece of this mask was expiring in coming October and I better use it.

I bought this mask as the honeycomb on the packaging made it attractive to me and the Korean words on it also attracted me since I am into anything Korean due to the Korean dramas. 

“The Japan Kagoshima volcanic hot natural mineral water renovation is alkaline ionized water and remove contaminated skin care with keratin care, smooth skin care with pores by moisture shields for skin.” -Extracted exact same words from the packaging. I know the sentences sound weird. Maybe it’s direct translation from Korean.

Feelre Spa Royal Jelly Mask sheet contains 30% of Japan’s Kagoshima hot spring water which helps to create healthy looking skin. 

The Royal Jelly extract helps to soften the skin and helps to heighten skin moisture holding capacity.

I took out the mask that was fully soaked with essence and placed it for almost 15 minutes. One of the good things about this mask is that it covers the eyes too. Hence, I was not able to use my iPhone but to laid on the bed and rest with my eyes closed. I almost wanted to meditate but my mind was not resting.

The mask was sweetly scented and I smelled it while I was resting with the mask on my face. I felt my skin moistened. After removal, I just pat the remaining essence onto my face. My skin felt moisturized and it felt smooth. After some time, the only part of my face that was still dry was my lips. 

Price: <S$2 per piece
Where to buy: Guardian Health & Beauty 
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Korea


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