Review: Etude House “I Need You, Snail!” Mask Sheet

I have not been updating my blog recently as I was busy with work. I also have not been putting face masks regularly. Some of my face masks are expiring in November 2016. Hence, I need to start using them more frequently nowadays. I also noted that my skin condition is getting worse recently ever since I stopped taking good care of it every night. It’s really true that there’s no ugly woman but lazy woman.

Tonight, I’m trying out the Etude House “I Need You, Snail!” Mask which I mostly likely bought it during my November 2014 Seoul trip. Omg! I know it had been a long time. The expiry date is 2 years from the manufacturing date. Lol.

This mask sheet contains snail mucus ingredient (Snail Secretion Filtrate) that protects the skin’s natural barrier for smooth and elastic skin. 

So this mask supposed to smoothen and firm up my skin…

To be frank, I don’t like the smell of this mask. But the snails on the packaging are rather cute and I know that snail mucus is apparently good for the skin.

I removed the essence-soaked mask sheet from pouch and placed it on my face for about 12 minutes. Recommend timing is 10-15 minutes, so I opted for 12 minutes. 

It was cooling on my face and I felt its moisturizing effect on my thirsty skin. I couldn’t feel its firming effect while the mask was on my face. I really need firming since I’m approaching 40. I can feel myself aging (gracefully) now.

After removal of the mask, instead of patting the remaining essence onto my face, I use my warm palms to massage them onto my face. The remaining essence was quickly absorbed into my skin and I instantly felt my skin firmer. I guess it might be due to the massage effect.

Although I don’t like the smell of this mask, the price is affordable for a snail mask. I do not need to apply any moisturizer after this as I can feel my skin moistened after the mask.

Price: S$1.90 per piece
Where to buy: Etude House
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: South Korea


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