Review: My Beauty Diary Pore Refining Mask

This piece of mask was from the My Beauty Diary 2013 Anniversay Limited Edition Set. The face mask was specially formulated to celebrate MBD’s 10 years anniversary. The design was by Taipei’s 0416×1024 and totally attracted me to purchase it.

My Beauty Diary (Not Shy anymore) Pore Refining Mask is for Refining & Tightening Pores. It has an orangey fragrance which I love it.

Low acid polyphenols from oranges, tomatoes and grape seed, deep into your pores and exfoliate away the dirt. The patented moisturizing ingredient Cosphingo along with water trapping elements in natural yeasts, mushrooms and deep sea red algae, provide your skin with a layer of moisture to protect it from damage and restore it to its original unblemished state.

Witch hazel, aloe vera and arnicas join a host of other natural plants to refine pores and soothe damage skin while increasing its natural clarity. Added ficus banded sea algae and mallow, bring their moisturizing properties to return your skin’s youthful elasticity and immediately give your skin a firm, smooth feeling.

I placed the mask for 20 minutes. I really love the orangey smell. It is sweet and refreshing. I can’t help falling in love with the mask. However, the mask was soaked with so much essence that it kept dripping down my face. Negative point. 

I was surprised to notice that my pores were smaller and my skin looked smoother (maybe due to smaller pores) after placing the mask. I didn’t expect a paper mask can do such wonders. 

I’m kind of sad that this special formulated face mask is not available in the market anymore. The packaging is attractive and the mask made me not shy anymore.

Price: Can’t recall
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Taiwan


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