Review: Laneige Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask

I love Laneige Water Bank range of products. I used the emulsion, serum, moisturizer and sleeping mask. However, tonight is the first time I am trying out their Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask. I got it free as gift with purchase.

It is a Hydro-gel-type moisturizing soothing facial mask that hugs the face as it alleviates stress in skin. 

Water Bank’s Secret Moisturizing Recipe

Hydro Ion Mineral Water
Infused with 6 ionized moisturizing minerals that play a role in regulating skin moisture, it swiftly penetrates the skin to activate natural moisturizing genes in the skin.

Quinoa extracts
Quinoa has been a food source for mankind for the past seven thousand years. It is also known to protect the skin from dryness and damage.

Natural olive oil
Micro-sized botanical oil particles absorb quickly into the skin to reinforce the lipid barrier in the epidermis to help retain moisture and smoothen the skin texture.

Tillandsia extract
Rich in betaine, a natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that plays an important role in hyaluronic acid synthesis in the dermis.

  • The hydro gel lowers skin’s surface temperature for soothing effects.
  • Contains green tea and chamomile, soothing and moisturizing skin.
  • The thick hydro gel soothes skin exposed to UV rays, seeping deep into skin to keep it moisturized.

Oh! I love gel mask. It is cooling on the face and the essence doesn’t drip off the face. I can lie sideway on my pillow without worrying that my mask will make my pillow wet.

It is translucent and doesn’t scare my kids off.

I love the cooling effect on my face and I can feel my skin more moisturized. It really help to destress as I was falling asleep while the mask was still on my face. Haha. 

The skin felt moistened and smooth after removal of mask. There was not much remaining essence on my face. The cooling effect continued on my face.

Overall, I love this mask, except for the price.

Price: S$34 for 5 sheets
Where to buy: Departmental stores or Laneige boutiques
Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: Yes, if the price is right
Country of origin: Korea


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