Review: Contin Plant Extract Shampoo

Garlic is not only a healthcare, it is also amazing for scalp care. Not only does it solve all types of scalp problems, additionally, it features more effective results in hair cleansing, fuller looking, oil removal, nourished locks and silky-smooth end look.

The invention of CONTIN plant extract enzyme shampoo has been patented and can be used reliably by passing 8 SGS certifications. 

I have sensitive hair scalp and seborrheic dermatitis condition. Hence, I am unable to use normal shampoos as advised by my dermatologist. I was prescribed a medicated shampoo for the last 2 years till the brand was discontinued and I was asked to use H&S (Not nice to spell out the brand name) shampoo. 

When I received this Contin Plant Extract Shampoo in my BeautyKeeper bag from the SampleStore Giftophia event in October 2016, I was so excited about it as I saw that it is a natural extract essence shampoo that targets dandruff and hair loss. These are my 2 major problems.

How CONTIN 康定 started:

The founders met the grandmas who work in the garlic factory and were surprised to find how soft their hands are, thus began to discover garlic’s energy based on their chemical background and an inherited enzyme brewing method. They even experienced on themselves, and finally found a cure for the serious scalp problems. And the cure is CONTIN plant extract shampoo. 

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CONTIN has patent for its body cleanser usage (Garlic and Wine sediment enzyme extract) and its manufacturing method (enzyme extract). It is 100% pure with over 50% plant extract essence.

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The main raw material of CONTIN is Enzyme Extract Essence and a 140 days of manufacturing cycle, with 120 days of fermentation.

I started using the shampoo since November 2016 and had been using it for almost 3 months. Don’t worry if your hair smells garlic as the patented enzyme procedure delivers light scent of natural fragrance. I like the scent but I can’t describe what it smells like. Maybe it’s honey but it’s a sweet herb fragrance.

During these 2-3 months of usage, my seborrheic dermatitis was kept under control and I do not have any dandruff for the past few months. I have checked with my dermatologist regarding the usage of CONTIN plant extract shampoo. He is unable to comment as I did not show him the ingredients. However, he mentioned that it should be alright since it is plant extract shampoo and there was improvement to my seborrheic dermatitis problem.

I hope that my hair loss problem will soon be resolved too. I gave a thumbs up for this shampoo as it is not easy to find a shampoo that it suitable for me.

Price: S$30 for a bottle of 300ml
Where to buy: Beauty Keeper Taiwan (ship worldwide)
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Taiwan


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3 Responses to Review: Contin Plant Extract Shampoo

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  2. Catty Cheung says:

    I live in Canada, can I find this product here? Is 30.00 in Taiwan currency ? Thanks.


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