Review: Coni Beauty White Skin Foot Mask

As I am a face sheet mask lover, I also love to try out foot mask. Come to think about it, I’m not that environmental friendly as they are all disposable masks and I am creating waste. Back to topic, I love foot masks too but as I have been busy with don’t know what (I suppose children and work, and maybe SNS), I don’t have time to write reviews about them. Hence, I decided that I should start reviewing foot masks after I have reviewed The Face Shop Smile Foot Mask and It’s Skin Sesame Street Hand Foot Mask.

I was caught by Coni Beauty 小康倪美妍誌 White Skin Foot Mask’s packaging wordings: “山羊奶 嫩白Baby肌美足膜”. It meant “Goat Milk” and “Baby white skin”. Yummy! Sounds good! And the goat milk is from Holland!

This foot mask suppose to nourish, moisturize and whiten the feet. 

The main ingredients are Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera), Carrageenan (Seaweed), Goat Milk and Vitamin B5. It suppose to soften and moisturize the skin, soothe and whiten the skin.

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I don’t really like the quality of the foot mask. It’s too shallow and the tape that comes with it doesn’t work. Hence, I am not able to walk around with the foot masks on my feet.

The “tear off and fix” tape doesn’t work.

I had the foot masks on my feet for 15-20 minutes. I massaged the remaining essence onto my feet and noted that they are milky white. I can feel my soles are smoother and softer after that.

Well, I wouldn’t buy this again although I recall the pricing is affordable and the result is not bad as it is not as comfortable as other foot masks and I was not able to tie up the foot masks and walk around with them.

Price: <S$6 (I think so)
Where to buy: Either Guardian or Watsons
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: No
Country of origin: Taiwan

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