Review: Beauty Keeper Gift Bag Part 1

I attended the SampleStore Giftophia Event in mid October 2016 and had a big gift bag of products, complimentary from BeautyKeeper. I have been real busy that I didn’t get to write about this, till now.

BeautyKeeper was founded to bring innovative, novel and award winning Taiwanese beauty products closer to you.

Some of the products are as shown in above photo taken at the BeautyKeeper‘s booth at the Giftophia Event.

I was also given a box of Silkah Frozen 18 by BeautyKeeper! Guess I need a lot of anti aging!

More than 20 products were found in the beautiful gift bag.

I have reviewed on 3 products and yet to try out the others. However, let me share what I found in the gift box. I will be reviewing the others soon!

My favourite product is Contin Plant Extract Shampoo which I had reviewed.

1) CONTIN Plant Extract Shampoo

Image Credit:

Experience the magic of garlic enzyme “hair”. I love this shampoo as it is made of natural ingredients and let me say goodbye to my dandruff. Check out my review and you can decide how good it is!

Price: S$30 for a bottle of 300ml

2) Sevynal Whitening Firming Repair Mask

Image Credit:

Sevynal Whitening Firming Repair Mask contains Placenta extract to help repair damaged skin while other ingredients enhance hydrating and anti-wrinkle. Be Beautiful and be friendly to the Earth. I like this environmental friendly mask. Check out my review here!

3) Inna Organic Rose Geranium Skin Soothing Mask

Image Credit:

Inna Organic Rose Geranium Skin Soothing Facial Mask is not only skin soothing, it reduces irritation and purify skin. It uses organic essential oil and organic plant extracts. Check out my review here!

4) Phytopia SlimWay Synergy

Image Credit:

This is something interesting and I have been wanting to try it. It was nicely and neatly packed.

Phytopia SlimWay Synergy is Amazon Top 3 Selling Product. It is an organic essential oil which helps to suppress your appetite, so that you can reach your ideal body weight and shape. It also helps to keep your skin firm, eliminate orange peel skin and regain skin elasticity. I didn’t know aromatherapy can have such great use!

Price: S$41 for a bottle of 50ml

5) Ethel Purified Collagen 100%

Image Credit:

This is another product which I am very keen to review on.

Beauty for the skin and Strength for the bones. Ethel Purified Collagen 100% not only firms up your skin, it also helps to replenish cartilage cell.

Price: S$20 for 7 packs of 5g

6) Camellia Essential Intensive Hair Oil

Image Credit:

Camellia Essential Intensive Hair Oil helps to nourish and repair damaged hair. It uses natural camellia oil to repair damaged scales.

Shan is a young haircare brand launched by O’right in 2014. Shan embodies the environmentally friendly concept in product design and ingredients, which verified by Ecocert and USDA organic ingredients.

7) Beauty Power Neo Amino Acid Cleansing Cream

Image Credit:

Beauty Power is one of Lucybelle’s famous brands. Beauty Power’s products combined Lucybelle’s 2000 professional cosmetologists’ experience and dermatology R&D team’s design with years of research. Beauty Power is made for all skin types, from acne to sensitive to wrinkles with the latest technology.

Perfect skin begins with using the best facial cleanser! Beauty Power Neo Amino Acid Cleansing Cream contains ALPS EDELWEISS, which is great for skin brightening, and contains 25% natural Amino Acid from Japan. Its meticulous foams helps gently clean skin. It also keeps your skin pH level at 5.5, the optimal skin condition.

8) Home Love Eyes Light

Image Credit:

With the revolutionary technology, Home Love’s own R&D team has successfully developed “Power Activation” – a unique formula that maintains the activity of high purity ingredients via providing the most suitable environment with Home Love’s core technique, keeping 200 types of Eleston extract effective.

Home Love Eyes Light helps your tired eyes feel great again!

9) Jandan Rose Facial Essence

Image Credit:

With extracts of aloe and rose essence, Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence activates skin’s natural exfoliation process and replenishes the skin. 

The skin appears softer and brighter with the effective moisturizing, Jan Dan Rose Favial Essence is great for use as the 1st step in your beauty ritual or simply high performance cosmetics water.

The organic aloe helps to speed your skin cell turnover rate, stimulates collagen and elastin production, also protects skin from external aggression.

The product consists of 46% natural ingredients and 54% water, it is ethanol free and hazard free to our body and the environment.

Price: S$30 for a bottle of 120ml

10) Yoho Power Beauty Skin 18-Probiotics-Collagen

Image Credit: Yoyo

Exclusive Youth Probiotics that give you the power of youth and enhances the effectiveness of Collagen.

Image Credit:

High Collagen density of 83%, promoting flexibility and mobility, and the real young looks come from within!

French made elastin builds up the base of your beauty with amazing firmness in your skin. Super Berry power from the U.S., with 12 different natural phenol, giving you 100% radiant skin.

I also want to try this product soon! It contains 50000mg of Collagen!

As there are more than 20 products, please check out the review on Beauty Keeper Gift Bag Part 2 as I am not able to introduce all the products in 1 blog post.

Meanwhile, do visit for their products and they ship worldwide.

Check out & follow my Instagram as I will upload the photo whenever I review on the product.


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