Review: Beauty Keeper Gift Bag Part 2

I introduced 10 products which was found in Beauty Keeper Gift Bag Part 1 which I got them complimentary from BeautyKeeper booth at the SampleStore Giftophia Event in October 2016.

BeautyKeeper was founded to bring innovative, novel and award winning Taiwanese beauty products closer to you.

Now I’m going to introduce the balance products from the gift bag.

11) All-Belle Anion Skin Towel

Image Credit:

The Anion Skin Towel is made of the ultimate synthetic micro-fiber and germanium by a Nano-tech compound process. It cleans the pores, removes blackheads and eliminates clogging cellular matter, makeup and pollutants. The anion released from germanium is beneficial to human body and helps to promote blood circulation and prepare to receive skin care treatments.

Shown here: 10cm x 10cm

The Anion Skin Care Towel is composed of nanofibers that have a diameter 250 times smaller than the human hair. With it, cleansing products are no longer necessary to achieve the thorough cleansing of one’s facial skin. Simple, eco-friendly, and economical!

Price: S$86 for a piece of Size:34cm x 33.5cm

12) Minorca Skin Ideal Flawless Beauty Cushion Mousse

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Ideal Flawless Beauty Beauty Cushion Mousse reduces lines, smoothes skin and conceals flaws. 

The classic “powder coated fine particle technology” and “double-effect repair” component helps repair and improves skin condition. Daily use slows aging and whitens skin. It combines with extraction of herbaceous plants repair damaged skin.

Shown here: 20g

Price: S$38

13) Miss Hana No Smudge Waterproof Eyeliner

Image Credit:

Miss Hana provides a long lasting and easy to wear makeup with waterproof, oil proof and no smudge.

Miss Hana Limited Edition Eyeliner Kit

Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner is the best online selling product in Taiwan. 

It avoids all the disadvantages of Eyeliner pen on the market and provides better colour pigmentations in order to create a 3D profound eye look. The soft and smooth gel texture enables you to apply Eyeliner like a PRO. It is also long lasting, waterproof, no smudge, yet can be removed easily with eye makeup remover. 4 colours available in this kit.

14) PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Intensive Hydra Cream

Image Credit:

PSK Intensive Hydra Cream has moisturizing, soothing and repairing effects in one product. Besides, it is non-alcohol, non-fragrance, and non-pigmented, so it can also be applied by sensitive skin type people and pregnant women. This product has been elected as one of the best moisturizing Cream for Year 2016 by Hong Kong ViVi magazine.

This is definitely a must try product and I will definitely review it soon.

15) PSK Pearl CC Cream

Image Credit:

With 95% of skincare ingredients, putting up makeup is your skin treatment. 

PSK Pearl CC Cream can do both makeup and skincare at the same time because of the rich skincare ingredients. 

Pearl powder particles are added to help accelerate the metabolism. Gold seaweed is added to moisturize the deepest layer of the skin and to prevent injury from the sun and light. 

I would love to try this too. Just pay the CC Cream gently over the face to create a perfect Nude makeup.

16) MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser

Image Credit:

MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser is acid free and antibiotic free skincare product for oily and sensitive skin.

It gently cleans while increases skin hydration and smoothness, tightens pores and conditions oil secretion.

17) MD/AA Jiao Herbal Acne Control SOS Stick

Image Credit:

MD/AA Jiao Herbal Acne Control SOS Stick is antibiotic fee and emergency remedy for acne.

It decreases the anaerobic bacteria, controls oil secretion and increase skin hydration.

I want to try this soon too!

18) Evemed Aurelia Aurita QQ Series Moisture Jelly Toner

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Evermed Aurelia aurita moisture jelly toner soothes and softens the skin while it flushes out the pores and helps to minimize their appearance. 

It is the purest toner which is easily absorbed into skin naturally and smells groovy. Best choice for daily moisturizing.

Price: S$42 for a bottle of 125ml

19) Mdmmd. Water Drop Cream

Image Credit:

Combining toner, serum and lotion, Mdmmd. Water Drop Cream hydrates and moisturizes the skin and repairs dry skin, tightens skin and improves the appearance of fine lines, repairs, keeps skin healthy and locks moisture inside and out.

The gold packaging made the product looks more luxurious, yet the pricing is still affordable.

20) Mdmmd. Upra® Age Delay Revive Toner

Image Credit:

Enriched in high concentration of compound natural ferment extract, Mdmmd. Upra® Age Delay Revive Toner prevents and slows down aging, improves skin cell metabolism, and whitens skin, providing abundant nutrition for your skin, also giving your skin the ultimate repair.

With all the nutritious ingredients your skin needs, Mdmmd. Upra® Age Delay Revive Toner keeps your skin at its best shape.

Price: S$40 for a bottle of 120ml

21) Vitalab Perfecting Revitalizing Elixir

Vitalab Perfecting Revitalizing Elixir is recommended by top Taiwanese Medical Experts.

An elixir for luxurious skin make aging skin regeneration, restructuration and revitalization realized.

22) P.Seven Eau De Parfum 

Image Credit:

P.Seven Eau De Parfum is the Taiwanese Tea Perfume. The core of the perfume is integrating the freshness and the classical charm of tea.

Well, I’m not too sure what was this cotton balls that was given to me. Perhaps the perfume was sprayed onto it but I couldn’t smell anything now. What a waste! Apparently this Taiwanese tea perfume is pretty famous!

There are a total of 22 products found in my gift bag. On top of that, I was given 2 more additional products. Ahem! I think I am too matured, that’s why I was given the 2 additional products.

A1) One Makeup Phyto Collastin Serum

Image Credit:

Designed specially for Asian skin, in which combined plant-based active formulation and effective skin care ingredient. Made in Germany.

I love the nicely packed product. Luxurious feel.

Each bottle contains 30ml of concentrated complex of active ingredients, sufficient for home care treatments. Each bottle comes with a 3ml liquid injector, which operates required dosage on routine skin care easily.

A2) Silkah Frozen 18

Image Credit:

Frozen 18 is the most powerful anti aging product by stem cell technology. It introduces various growth factors and cytokines to activate the rejuvenation of the fibroblasts and other skin cells to solve the skin aging problem.

Frozen 18 utilizes the Stem Cell Secreted Factors (SCSF) which is perfectly preserved with lyophilization to initiate skin rejuvenation and freeze aging in an unimaginable way.

Skin supposed to improve in 7 days and rejuvenate in 28 days.

I hope to review these soon.

You can purchase the above products from

Check out my first 10 products of the Gift bag in Beauty Keeper Gift Bag Part 1.

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