Kakao Friends Products by LG Care

I was intrigued by what G Market Korea has to offer. I am a fan of Kakao Friends as they are so cute. Unlike other Singaporeans who are crazy over Line Friends, I prefer Kakao Friends who are from KakaoTalk.

I was trying to find a website that sells Kakao Friends, besides Taobao, as I prefer authentic products but I don’t think Kakao Store online delivers to Singapore. A friend of mine mentioned that her colleague purchased Korean products from G Market Korea and I went to check it out.

I’m like a crazy fan and was wowed by the products I found there as there were the products that were on Instagram by Kakao Friends Addicts.

Image Credit: G Market Korea (LGlivunghealthmall)

Previously when The Face Shop was selling Kakao Friends products, I was still not so into buying their products although I love them. But I think I have caught the K wave after watching many Korean dramas and after seeing Shinhwa members wearing and loving Kakao Friends products. 

I’m worried that I may buy these whole series of products from LG Care. The problem with the products is that you don’t know what to do with the tubes/casings after using. They are so cute that you won’t bear to throw them away.

Yet, I sold The Face Shop x Kakao Friends Apeach neck cushion off on my Carousell as I think I have no use of it, although it would be more useful than the above skincare products. 😂😂😂

I may blog more about Kakao Friends products soon as I bought a lot of their products from The Face Shop during their Christmas promotion. Check out soon.

Check out my Kakao Friends face mask reviews:
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2) The Face Shop x Kakao Friends Character Mask – Muzi (Soothing)

I think I should arrange a trip to Korea. My children also like Kakao Friends but as there are no cartoons about them, they are not fans yet. 


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