Review: Ponybrown Plus Hinoki PuriCare Dream Mask

The daily mask review tonight is on the Ponybrown Plus HINOKI PuriCare Dream Mask. I bought them at a promotion price of S$9.90 with a box of 10 masks.

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I just can’t help buying these cute Ponybrown Plus masks.

This is a purifying and pore care mask. It targets skin problems like dry skin, oily T-area, enlarged pores and is for combination and oily skin. 

It contains Hinoki Water (93ppm), seaweed extract and ponybrown purifying phyto complex.

The mask was soaked with essence and was dripping when I took it out from the packaging. There’s even excess essence in the packet that I applied it on my legs. 

I placed the mask for 15 minutes. It was cooling and moisturizing when it was on my face. As per my previous review on the other Ponybrown Plus sheet mask, the eyes area were huge which the mask does not cover the eye bag area. Check out the photo in my review on Ponybrown Plus W-Ferment BrightCare Dream Mask.

There was so much essence on the mask that I applied it on my neck while the mask was on my face as the essence slowly dripped onto my neck. After removal of the mask, I must have taken another 3 minutes to massage the excess essence onto my face.

Pores looked tighter and skin looked smoother after removal of the mask. Skin was still moisturized. Overall, the feel was good. I like moisturizing mask. The only thing I don’t like about this mask is that too much essence that the mask kept dripping.

Price: S$9.90 for a box of 10
Where to buy: Guardian
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Korea


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