Review: Paralapiel Bird’s Nest Magic Mask

Daily Masking Saturday Review: Paralapiel Bird’s Nest Magic Color Change Mask

I bought this mask at a discounted price of US$0.81 online as i find it interesting.

This is Korea’s first color change mask sheet by body temperature. The Patent sheet contains bamboo extract and thermo-sensitivity ingredient.

It is 100% natural pulp cotton sheet containing Bamboo extract 70% and natural ingredient 30%. Harmlessness to human body with complete test proven.

The mask contains rich amino acid of bird’s nest extract, Vitamin B3, Adenosine and it gives bright firm soft skin.

Herbal complex ingredient and sugar cane ingredient balance moisture caring healthy silky skin.

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It supposed to change from red to orange.

It’s a beautiful mask. However, the colours didn’t change from red to orange.


I am unsure that’s the colour I supposed to see.

I guess the right side of my face is warmer but it’s still not obvious.

The mask is moisturizing and the moisture was able to last. There’s no irritation to my sensitive skin.

Price: S$4.90
Where to buy: Sasa Outlets
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Korea


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