Review: The Yeon Shea Butter Mask

Daily Masking Monday Review: The Yeon Shea Butter Mask (Smooth & Moisture)

I bought this mask at US$0.94. This is a new brand to me. I decided to give it a try as I love reviewing new brands and products as long as the price is affordable.

Major ingredients: Shea Butter (1000ppm), lotus extract, safflower extract

Shea Butter, nicknamed “women’s gold” and used for centuries, is specially formulated from vegetable fats extracted from the fruit of the African Shea Tree. Vitamin A rich shea butter ingredient gives deep moisture and nutrition onto skin. 

Shea Butter, grapefruit, chrysanthemum and naturally derived ingredients such as lotus extract help cultivate a healthy and luminous remedy for aged skin. 

This claimed to be a Sensitive skin friendly adhesive mask sheet that is moist without irritating the skin, and helps deliver nutrients evenly.


I used the remaining essence in the packaging to apply on my legs. No irritation and skin was instantly moisturized. The essence is similar to milk mask essence.

The mask is lightly scented. I placed the mask for 15 mins. Instant moisture provided to my skin. However, after a while after removal of the mask, I had some red bumps on both sides of my jaws line. The rashes are a little itchy for a while. The bumps were gone in the ext morning.

Overall, the mask is fine. It’s moisturizing and I felt the essence is similar to those of Milk mask.

Price: US$1.99 per piece
Where to buy:
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Maybe
Country of origin: Korea


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