Care-ousell Week: Donate your items to help

Image Credit: Carousell

Carousell at times are really Carouhell with hell buyers that made me mad. But I love the app for the ease of use and for me to declutter, getting rid of things I don’t need anymore and things that I bought on impulse.

Few weeks ago, it came out with an #AllForFree weekend which help me give away some items for free. Items which I don’t need but don’t bear to throw them away. I gave away a number of items and managed to clear some space. I like the idea of reuse and recycle. It helps me to reduce by not throwing the items away.

This week is #careousellweek. I am glad that Carousell actually partner with charities to let them put to their request for the donations that they wanted. I always believe that a company cannot remain status quos but constantly look for new ideas to improve or innovate. I’m glad Carousell is such a company! I would love to work for such company! (If they will employ me… haha!) 

They partnered with 24 charities. I knew quite a number as I am a constant cash donor but there were a few unknown to me. I’m glad that this app helps people to be aware of these charities.

I have screenshot some of the charities as below.

You can visit Carousell now to see how you help the charities. If you have an iron that is in good condition but you don’t really use it, you may wish to donate it too. View through the listings and see how you can help.

Although there are many occasions when I met ridiculous buyers who MIA after making offer or stood me up during meet ups, I would still recommend this app. It’s not just a buy and sell app for sellers who want to make money (selling stuff and make it like a minishop), but for genuine sellers like me who just want to get rid of the stuff we have (new or preloved) in order to make space.

I’m a shopaholic and I think I should stop buying. I often have impulse buying. Hence, I often have to sell off the brand new item in Carousell. That’s how I can get back my money.

Carousell has another great use. I use it to check the pricing of the item that I am interested in before I purchase.  So I know if I purchase at the right price.

If you have not downloaded or join Carousell, maybe you can do it now.
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