Review: Dr.Jart+ Dermask Return To Sweet 16 Mask

Daily Masking Review: Dr.Jart+ Dermask Return To Sweet 16 Mask

I didn’t see this mask in Sephora Singapore. I bought it from Korea. As per the packaging, it’s for people who have concerns on loss of elasticity, dryness and fine wrinkles. In short, it’s a wrinkle care and anti aging mask.

The main ingredients are: 

  1. Soluble collagen: Firms and hydrates
  2. Palmitoyl oligopeptide: Aids skin renewal
  3. Pomegranate extract

It supposed to improve the elasticity and firmness by giving energy. Firming Mask with Anti-wrinkle + skin vitality + firming care.

This is a 2 pieces Pet mesh hydrogel mask, which supposed to fit to skin in comfort with luxurious and thick sheet. However, I don’t think it fits my face that well. I have to keep readjusting the upper piece to fit onto my face.

The hydrogel that is the temperature sensitive gel mask melts in body heat without loss of essence that gives excellent absorbency of the serum.

The hydrogel mask was dripping essence when I took it out from the packaging. There was a lot of essence in the packaging that it was sufficient for me to apply on both my legs. 

As mentioned above, I have problem fitting the upper piece well onto my face. The lower piece kept sliding off that I have to lie down while the mask was on my face. The instructions indicated to place for 20-40 minutes. I only placed for 25 minutes. I’m surprised that after removal of the mask, the face is wet with essence which I massaged the serum onto my face. Hydrogel mask is cooling on my face as usual but unlike other masks, it won’t stick onto my face that tightly most probably due to the reason that it is kind of wet.

Moisturizing effect was ok. Didn’t see any immediate effect of firming or less wrinkles but skin seems to look a little brighter the next morning. The mask doesn’t come with any strong scent which I like. Other than that, this mask is a little disappointing compared to the other Dr.Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution Mask that I have reviewed earlier.

Price: US$4.50 (I bought it at 50% off)
Where to buy: Korea Depart
Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Repurchase: If it’s cheap, I will give it another try
Country of origin: Korea


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