Korean Drama: 내일 그대와 Tomorrow, With You

Image Credit: Instagram @tvn_joy

I first watched 내일 그대와 Tomorrow, With You on Cable TV on a Sunday about a month ago and it was episodes 5-6. I won’t said it’s a show that would keep my eyes glued to it but it was interesting enough to keep me watching. 

As per the Facebook Plot outline: 
외모, 재력, 인간미까지 갖춘 완벽 스펙의 시간여행자 ‘유소준’과 그의 삶에 유일한 예측불허 ‘송마린’의 피할 수 없는 시간여행 로맨스
(Google Translate) A perfect spec time traveler with looks, talent and humanity, ‘Yoo Soon-joon’ and his only dream in his life ‘Song Marin’ inevitable time travel Romance.

I watched it the following week on episodes 7-8. This made me watched episodes 1-4 online on that very Sunday night. I noted that it was still showing in Korea and there were 20 episodes. So I did not continue watching as I wanted to watch it on Cable TV. However, I didn’t watch it last week and missed 2 episodes. 

So I started watching from episode 9 online on last Sunday and completed the 16 episode on that Sunday night. I was also glad to find out that there were only 16 episodes. If not, I will need to wait another 2 more weeks to complete the drama.

It was about a time traveller (Yoo So Joon) who found out that he was going to die in another 2 years time (2019) in a car accident. That’s the reason why he was never able to travel to the future beyond that time. He survived a train accident in 2009 and found out that he was able to travel to the future by taking the subway. He also got to know another time traveller (Mister Song) who encouraged him to change his destiny by marrying the girl (Song Ma Rin) whom he saved from a car accident which would originally caused her to be permanently disabled. Hence, he married the girl in just less than 3 months after he saved her, just to change his destiny.

So Joon was a rich CEO of a real estate investment company (Myreits) because of knowing which land to buy and build as he knows the future. He doesn’t love Ma Rin when he asked her to live together with him and marry him. However, their relationship developed and he fell in love with her. So deeply that he wants to protect her, like the male lead in every Korean drama.

Image Credit: Instagram @tvn_joy

Above is the photo repost from @tvn_joy
결혼한 친구 앨범에 다 있는 정석 포스
Part2) 나만의 꽃순이가 되어줘
A typical pose for a wedding album
Part2) Will you marry me?

This is my favourite among the different wedding photos in the house of the male lead in the drama. I didn’t have this pose for my wedding.

Their relationship developed and they fell deeply in love. It turned out that some destinies cannot be changed. It just worked out in a similar way. However, So Joon doesn’t want to give up as he really loves Ma Rin and wants to live with her.

Image Credit: Instagram @love_merry_1236

Image Credit: Instagram @tomorrow_withu

The above are the screengrabs after they fell in love.

Of cos, I don’t think of this show day and night, unlike some other Korean dramas. But, I like this drama. 

The male lead is Lee Je Hoon and the female lead is Shin Mi Na. Seriously, I don’t know who they are before the show. I just find that one of my friends look like the female lead and the male lead looks like other Korean actors in other dramas.

Image Credit: withyou.tving.com

Image Credit: withyou.tving.com

I think I like this show as it is somewhat similar to “My Love from the Star” or 《来自星星的你》.

I really thought I would just watch this drama (2 episodes) every Sunday on my cable TV but I was just caught into it and watched it continuously. 

There’s a thing I am glad about. It has a happy ending!

Do go and google to check out this romantic comedy that made me laughed often and cried at some parts.

Facebook Page: 내일 그대와 Tomorrow, With You
Click here for  Official Website
Watch the Trailers 

Image Credit: withyou.tving.com


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