Review: Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream Fresh

I have been using the Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream Fresh every morning and I’ve used about 3/4 now. I bought it through Guardian Singapore Online Store when it was having a 50% sale.

This snow-like cream comes in a texture that is as soft as whipped cream. It feels like 雪花膏. It softly melts upon contact with skin and moisturizes the skin.

It is made of mistletoe complex and ceramide, which helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and forms a non-evaporating moisture film over skin. 

In addition, it is infused with 69% mineral-rich Seorak mountain water complex, a water sourced from South Korea’s Seorak Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a biosphere reserve. Your complexion is visibly smoother, brighter and stronger skin with Goodal’s Moisture Barrier Cream Fresh.

Key Benefits:

  1. Fermented mistletoe extract and ceramides fortify the skin’s ability to retain moisture and provide improved absorption into skin for long lasting hydration
  2. Soft sherbert-like textured cream moisturizer instantly melts into skin for lasting hydration
  3. Infused with mineral-rich Seoraksoo Complex for boosted and nourishing hydration
  4. Repairs damaged skin barriers
  5. Improves elasticity and defends skin from aging factors

The outer packaging is simple and nice. The product itself comes in a jar which has a twistable cap and another protective lid under. It also comes with a spatula.

The ingredients are as above.

I like the snow texture cream which is very cooling and moisturizing.

The cream was easily absorbed into the skin. I can feel it forming a moisture film over my skin. It is lightly scented and it smells good.

I personally like this Cream as it doesn’t irritate my skin and it is very cooling and moisturizing to my skin. However, I felt that the moisturizing effect is not strong enough to last throughout the day. 

A little amount is able to go a long way. This is definitely a pricier version of 雪花膏. However, I noticed that my skin looks smooth nowadays.

I have also tried Goodal Water Full Mask Moisture (Hyaluronic Acid) which I like it. Have you tried any Goodal products? Do leave me a comment to share your review.

Price: S$48.90
Where to buy: Major pharmacies
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Repurchase: Yes
Country of origin: Korea


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