Review: Me Factory Pig Collagen Nose Pack

I watched the Instagram video of people using masks that removed the impurities from their pores.

I decided to buy a nose pack to try out as I noticed I have blackheads on my nose.

I am someone who prefers simple steps. That’s the reason why I love mask sheets. I just need to place it on my face for about 15 minutes before I sleep. So having a 3 steps nose pack for me is actually consider a hassle. However, I am someone who like to try new things.

The Me Factory Pig Collagen Nose Pack comprises of 3 steps.

  1. Pore Heating Sheet
  2. Blackhead Clear Sheet
  3. Pore Tightening Sheet

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This was suppose to be the number 1 seller.

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And they changed their packaging for 2017.

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The one I bought is old packaging.

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The piggy is so cute that I can’t help buying it to try. 

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Yet, the new packaging is even cuter!

Step 1: Pore Heating Sheet
After cleansing the face, place the sheet on the nose and remove after 15~20 minutes.
Wipe away the pore excess sebum gently.

Step 1

Step 1 Pore Heating Sheet was stingy on my skin. I was so glad that the 15 minutes was up.

Step 2: Blackhead Clear Sheet
Using dry hands to peel off the clear film.
Wet nose and place the white patch on the nose
Remove after 10~15 minutes
Peel off the dry sheet slowly from the edge after completely dry.

Step 2

I guess I did not apply enough water on my nose as the sticky white sheet was not wet on my nose. I just peeled off about 15 minutes later.

I saw yellowish stuff on the sheet. Did you see it?

The yellowish stuff were from my upper nose. I still notice black pores on the tip of my nose.

I was unable to take a clear selfie of my nose.

Step 3: Pore Tightening Sheet
Place patch and remove after 5~10 minutes.
Pat the excess essence for absorption into the skin.

I was so excited about removal of the blackhead that I forgot to take a selfie of Step 3. Step 3 Pore Tightening Mask was soothing on my face. It moisturized the skin on my nose.

Overall, I like it as I saw the impurities being removed by the Blackhead Clear Sheet. However, my concern is whether this action will enlarge my pores. I do not like the stingy effect of the Pore Heating Sheet.

Price: RRP ₩19,900 for a box of 10s
Sale: ₩7,900 for a box of 10s currently on sale at Gmarket (~S$9.89)
Where to buy: Gmarket Korea
Rating: 3 out of 5
Repurchase: Maybe
Country of origin: Korea


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