Email Scam: eticket from Garuda Indonesia

I have just shared on the email scam of Domino’s Pizza and now, I received an eticket from Garuda Indonesia.

This is not the first time I received an email on this. I searched my email folder and found 4. I don’t remember receiving a total of 4 emails but I thought I have received a similar email in 2016, which I must have deleted.

When I received a similar email last year, I thought it was a passenger who accidentally keyed in the wrong email address. However, after receiving the email today, I thought otherwise. I decided to do a search in my email folders and I found 4 emails with different customer’s names. I can’t even remember I received the previous 3 emails in 2014.

This is how the email looks like.

It looks so real that I would really believe in this.

I tried to google for the email scam on this but could not find any clues. However, I still think this is a phishing email. Hence, I decided to write an email to

I have attached the screenshot of the email and hopefully, they will reply soon. I will provide an update once I have any news.

Meanwhile, please drop a comment if you also receive similar emails.


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