Review: Wellage Vita Red Injection Mask

Daily Masking Review: Wellage Vita Red Injection Mask

I like to try new things, especially sheet masks. However, I’m a person who likes hassle free, that’s why I like sheet masks. Hence, I initially hesitated to buy this mask as it requires 2 steps before I can use.

I read reviews that injection masks are fun, so I decided to give a try and let my kids have some fun. I bought this mask at a discounted price (<US$1).

Product Information:

This mask is a new concept that put the fresh pure powder form of Vitamin with excellent effect in the mask right before use. Vitamin C’s browning phenomenon appears in 30 minutes due to oxidation. To prevent browning, cosmetics that contains Vitamin C usually comes with a lot of preservatives.

Vita red is vitamin mask that whitens skin tone and makes the imperfections become lighter by reducing the melanin. It also protects your skin by neutralizing the increasing harmful oxygen inside the skin due to the UV rays. It also promotes the creation of collagen which is protein ingredient and increases skin elasticity.

This is a Wrinkle improvement mask pack focusing on skin aging problem with anti-aging active ingredients and Complete hypoallergenic dermatologist tested.

How to use?

Step 1. Syringe ampoule

You have to push and pop the “red stick”.

  1. Strongly push the piston of the syringe while facing up the lid to peel off the inner lid.
  2. Move the piston up and down to mix Vitamin C powder.
  3. Open the upper lid and push the piston to put the well-mixed Vitamin C and essence into the pack, close the lid and mix well.

My girl had fun pushing the piston of the syringe.

Step 2. Mask Sheet

  1. After washing, wipe off skin with toner.
  2. Attach the mask with Step 1 ampoule on the face.
  3. Peel off the mask after 10-20 minutes, then tap the remaining liquid for absorption.

I placed the mask for 15 minutes. While having the mask on my face, I did the daily routine of pouring the remaining essence out and apply on my legs. There was a lot of remaining essence in this pack. I used it not only on my calves, but my feet and my thighs. I like it that I can pour the essence out from the tube.

The mask was cooling and moisturizing. I don’t see immediate brightening or Whitening effect. However, the moisturizing effect was good. Other than that, I think it’s an extra step for me to inject the ampoule into the mask. 

Price: ₩17,800 (~S$22.30) for a box of 5s
Where to buy: gmarket Korea
Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Repurchase: Don’t think so
Country of origin: Korea


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