The Face Shop x Kakao Friends 2017 Series

I was so excited about The Face Shop x Kakao Friends 2017 Series after I saw on Instagram and had been waiting for the launch on 20 September 2017. 

I finally found it in Gmarket! However, they are not available for international shipping.

Below are photos courtesy of The Face Shop & Gmarket.


Not too sure what this is. I know they have a Chia Seed hydrating cream.

Not sure if this is the Chia Seed intense hydrating cream.

Body Wash

Body Lotion

Quick Hair Puff

BB Cushion

Nail Polish? It’s mini make up bar.

Nail Stickers

Eye Shadows

Eye Shadows

Lip glosses

Hand cream

Hand cream

Hand cream 

Baby Sun Cushion

Baby Sun Cushion

Hand creams

Hand creams

Oh! I wish they will be available in The Face Shop Singapore stores soon!


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A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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