Perioe x Kakao Friends

If you have being to Korea, you would have known their local toothpaste brand, Perioe.

Perioe had a few collaborations with Kakao a Friends. Below are some of their collaborations which I had bought 2 Neo Pump toothpastes either from Korea Depart or Gmarket.

I’m still using it and it’s good for my sensitive teeth. It’s very easy to use as you just pump out the toothpaste. I intend to reuse the bottle after used.

Perioe Kakao FriendsPhoto Credit: Gmarket

These are some other products, which I had also bought them from Korea Depart and Gmarket. Just can’t help buying as they are so cute.

I have tried the lime mojito (muzi) toothpaste. The taste is mild. So far so good, it doesn’t hurt my sensitive teeth. Just a little too mild.

Photo Credit: Gmarket


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