Review: Real Barrier Korean Beauty Products

Amabie Beauty was very nice to send me a set of products from Real Barrier Korea to try out.

2 full size products, which are Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam and Real Barrier Essence Mist, with many samples.

1) Real Barrier Cream Cleansing Foam

This is formulated to leave the skin moisturized after washing.

Honest Review: This Cleansing Foam is gentle when I washed it on my face. My face doesn’t feel dry after washing unlike other Cleansing foams that I have tried.

2) Real Barrier Essence Mist

This is a Hydrating Mist for skin Barrier reinforcement.

Honest Review: I sprayed it on face after washing my face, avoiding my eye areas. I pat the Essence on my face and felt hydrated.

3) Real Barrier Extreme Cream

This is a Repairing Cream for damaged skin barrier and is the bestseller as it provides up to 72 hours hydration.

Honest Review: This small packet allows me to use for 4 mornings. It is lightweight and my face felt moisturized throughout the day as I don’t feel my face as oily as normal days.

4) Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream

This is a lightweight Cream with 48 hour long lasting moisture.

Honest Review: It’s lightweight and I used it at night after the Essence Toner. It is mild and provide hydration to my face.

5) Real Barrier Extreme Essence Toner

This has double benefits of a Toner and Essence. It is a barrier protective toner.

Honest Review: I personally don’t like this as it’s not watery kind of toner as it is also an essence. Hence, I don’t put this on a cotton pad to wipe off my face but to put on my palms and pat onto my face. I’m not used to using this type of 2 in 1 Toner and Essence.

6) Real Barrier Tone Up Sunblock

This brightens skin complexion and has advanced UV protection.

Honest Review: I like this. A small sample lasted me for 5 days. It has a peachy smell and is refreshing. I do not need to apply make up base after applying this sunblock. It has saved me a step. It is lightweight. When I used this with the Real Barrier Extreme Cream, the hydration lasted for whole day and my make up did not need much touch up.

Overall, I like to thank Amabie Beauty & Real Barrier for this set of products. I love trying out new Korean Beauty products and this set of products are really suitable for my sensitive skin.

You can get the Real Barrier products from Watsons!


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