Website Scam: Luggage & Gear website

I was searching for the LeSportsac x Mr Men series when I came across this website:

Above is the landing page.

And the menu.

The site map.

All looks fine.

I wanted to buy this bag as it seems a good deal.

But I find it a bit weird when there is only 1 picture.

It stated free shipping in the cart when it auto select United States (default) but I couldn’t find any shipping cost.

So I decided to get in touch through the website asking about shipping fee and if they accept international credit card. No reply.

Not much information I can get from the website.

I saw a US address and thought it looks legitimate but I had concern on the Gmail email address.

I tried checking out my item and I was required to create an account. So I created an account. DOB, phone number and home address were required. I actually filled up all my real information.

Luckily, iPhone prompted me a strong password and I decided to use it, instead of my few standard passwords.

I didn’t see the email in my inbox. Found it in my scam folder today after I got suspicious.

Email sent by gmail account, yet detected as a scam.

I tried to check out yesterday and noted free shipping.

I have just amended the address that I have registered as the website refused to let me delete the address. Above is a screenshot today in order to show the free shipping.

I sent another message through the contact us form to confirm the free shipping but no reply.

This was when I got suspicious about this website. How can an item be so cheap and with free shipping to Singapore? Nothing is cheap, fast and good.

I started to look through the website again.

Spotted the grammar errors etc. a professional website should not have.

How can a US company be using a gmail account for the company email?

Customer care category just seems so wrong.

I decided to google for reviews but can’t find any. Googled further and found this.

OMG. Lucky me that I have not made any purchase or keyed my credit card number.

Most likely even if it is a real website, I would be receiving a counterfeit if I bought it.

Online fraud or fake items…

Lucky me!

I’m glad my 6th sense worked when I used a strong password generated by iPhone which I don’t even know what it is. However, my real information was stored for at least 1 day which I had amended. Hopefully, I don’t have any trouble. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’m writing this post is to warn all of us to look out for tell tale signs or warning signs before we create an account or make any online purchase.

I have learnt my lesson. Hopefully nothing bad happens.


About Rei

A mother of 2 who loves travel, food, shopping, face mask and Sale!
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