Website Scam: (Selling MCM Backpack)

I came across a Facebook Sponsored post by Yahei. I didn’t manage to get a screenshot as my Facebook app refreshes the page. However, there was another FB user who managed to notice this as a scam.

First of all, the grammar is wrong. I saw hundreds of comments and shares. (I didn’t manage to get a screenshot and I couldn’t find the post after that.)

The person who replied to the queries and comments in the FB post has both grammar and spelling errors. I reckon it’s a Mainland Chinese and decided to check out the FB page and website.

Above is the FB page.

Grammar mistake. China company. Non MCM related.

Let me check out the website.

There was no page found on

I clicked the link through the FB sponsored post ( and spotted many spelling and grammar errors.

I clicked choose parameter, which seems weird term used.

I would think that a Singaporean would note the words used.

I read on. More errors. Sentences, pictures and so on.

MBS??? Why would South Korea appoints a dedicated customer service in MBS for consulting work? And the lady at the table is working for Japan tax free concierge? This looks more like a lady working in South Korea, instead of Singapore MBS.

No consistency in webpage.

The wordings in red are similar to those I often read in Taobao. For an authentic MCM backpack, true measurements are given and no disclaimer is required.

Seriously, I think I saw the second photo with the credit charge slip in Taobao.

The invoices are from different brands. It looks like those from Taobao “daigou” buyers.

The box is too small to be backpack.

“Model show”???

What is “Buyer Show Map”? Google translate from 买家秀图?

Noted the buyers are using WeChat. The second photo doesn’t look like a photo from a real buyer.

Errors spotted. Fake invoice showing generic names and addresses.

The SGS certificates are not from South Korea or Singapore but China and they can be easily faked using Photoshop.

More weird wordings spotted. It should not be used in a professional website.

Website is not professional. Singaporeans are more aware of these kind of layouts and wordings.


Spelling mistakes!

Spelling errors are normally one of the ways to spot if this is a fake website.

Let’s check out ScamAdviser to check this website.

Definitely not Singapore.

It’s High Risk!!!

Owner is from China.

It should be a MCM replica.

Guangdong is a city famous for producing replica bags.

Notes the webpage and FB page are only created in October 2018.

To note: Authentic brands will not be sold cheaply online. Even if it is a Sponsored post on Facebook, doesn’t mean it is authentic.

Look out for spelling and grammar errors on the webpage. Layout is also important.

Most importantly, if it is too good to be true, it is definitely not true. S$99 for an authentic MCM bag, inclusive of delivery fee, it is definitely too good to be true.

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