About Alyssa

Alyssa was born in September 2011.

Daddy A & I always wanted to have a baby once we got married. We tried for a couple of months and I didn’t even know I conceived her as we were a little disappointed with the previous failed attempts.

Alyssa is a strong girl even before she was born.
Because the female sperm is the strongest survival to reach the egg in order to fertilize it and resulted in Alyssa!

I didn’t know I was pregnant. I gained weight during that few weeks due to my big appetite. A fellow banker (male) noticed my bulging tummy on a working Saturday and asked me if I was pregnant. I joked that I ate too much and I was so embarrassed. But he said that I looked pregnant, looking at the way I stand.

Well, I don’t quite believe that I was pregnant but I missed my period for more than 10 days. Missing my period for 2 weeks is common during my stressful days.

On the next day, I told my hubby about it while I was shopping for a hair colour dye. He still thought that it was not necessary to buy a pregnancy test kit as we did not think that I would be pregnant.

I tested positive that night. I still remember sitting at the dining room table waiting to see if the line would appear. And it appeared. A double line meant I was pregnant! And I was like, hey, I’m pregnant! And my hubby nodded but we were not joyful at that moment which we thought we would be as we were still in shock! And, I had to put the coloring of my hair on hold.

I told my mother that very night that I was tested positive. I wanted to find out more about KKH, Thomson medical and Raffles Hospital and the gynecologists available before I decided to go for a confirmation check up.

However, due to my stressful workload, I had bleeding few days after I discovered I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to do and a colleague told me to see a doctor immediately as pregnancy test kit is 99.9% accurate. I went to the nearest GP and he told me to go to a gynecologist straightaway as it was a threaten abortion.

I called one of my best friends (she’s the only one who gave birth before) and she asked me to go to a hospital immediately and suggested RH. I drove down to RH since it’s the nearest to my hubby’s office but her gynecologist, Dr Tan, was not available. I requested for any doctor that was available.

The gynecologist did a vaginal scan and saw a pregnancy sac with heart beat. By the time my hubby reached RH, he was just in time to make payment but missed to see Alyssa’s first ultrasound scan.

Gynecologist informed me that it was a threaten miscarriage and prescribed hormone pills for me to strengthen my pregnancy and gave me 1 week medical leave. I told her that it was not possible for me to leave my work and she ended up giving me 3 days medical leave after I bargained. I was supposed to rest on bed for the next couple of days but I went back work the next day. Bleeding occurred again and I had to go home after half a day at work.

I prayed for my baby and she was indeed a strong baby! I went for my Oscar scan at the 12 weeks and we were surprised the little dot has became a baby! The sonographer told me it’s a boy. The doctor who went through the results with me told me it’s 80% boy.

I was happy that it was a boy and we happily purchased a package to see Dr Tan from 16 weeks onwards.

But at 16 weeks, Dr Tan told us it’s 90% girl…

We were disappointed at that time. We wanted a boy. But, I’m really glad now that it’s a girl!

I confirmed with Dr Tan during every monthly visit to ensure that Alyssa was not hiding something between her legs. I was still hoping for a boy at that time and Dr Tan told me to try again next time…

I had a poor appetite during my second trimester and I often skipped meals due to busy workload. I was extremely stressful as I wanted to run for an award and also to hit my 1 year sales target within 8 months before I go on maternity leave from September. I worked very hard in order to achieve what I wanted. My colleagues were worried for my pregnancy and felt I should relax and enjoy my pregnancy.

Now, I looked back and really thanked God for my safe pregnancy and making Alyssa such a strong girl to survive in me! I really should have taken better care of myself during that time.

Dr Tan took a 3D photo of Alyssa’s face about 1 week before she was born.

I remembered there was once Dr Tan showed me that Alyssa was sucking her thumb.

It was almost 40 weeks and I had not delivered. I was already on maternity leave for 2 weeks, waiting to deliver. Dr Tan advised me to walk more. Hence, I went shopping at Ngee Ann City but parked the car at Kiliney Road and walked there. The next day, I went grocery shopping at Fairprice after meeting the Singapore Cord Blood centre lady to donate my baby’s cord blood. Initially I planned to meet her on the Friday but she was worried that I delivered and requested to meet on that Wednesday. Hubby joked that that lady knew I was going to deliver.

That Wednesday night, I didn’t sleep early and started having contractions from 12am. I counted the contractions. It ranged from 10-15mins and reduced slowly. I couldn’t sleep at all and kept counting the contractions’ interval. My mucus plug had already dropped off few days ago. Dr Tan had already planned to induce me on Saturday or Monday. So I thought this must be it!

I woke my hubby up at 4am, called RH delivery ward, showered, ate some bread and checked in hospital at 5am. The nurse told me that my dilation was only 1cm and asked me to go back 1 week later. I refused as I was almost 40 weeks and I could no longer carry on with my heavy weight. I just wanted to get Alyssa out of my body.

The nurse called Dr Tan and decided to induce me. Dr Tan came at 7am and told me that I should delivered by 3pm. So I decided not to opt for any pain relief yet. However, contractions were stronger and of shorter intervals. At 3pm, I was only 3cm dilated. I decided to opt for epidural as I heard that it will relax the body and I will be dilated more easily. However, the epidural doesn’t work for me.

At 5pm, I was already very tired and in pain. I was like falling asleep and wake up during contractions. I tried the injection jab but I guessed it was already too late and it didn’t help a lot in reducing the pain.

Dr Tan came at 7pm and told us that there were only 2 choices left. And we knew what he meant. If my dilation is sufficient, then he would deliver the baby naturally. If not, it would be emergency cesarean. I was praying hard though I was so tired and the contraction pain came at every minute. It was so painful that I requested for laughing gas.

Thank God that Dr Tan said I could deliver naturally. However, I was too tired to push the baby out and assisted delivery by vacuum was required. The laughing gas didn’t help much though as I only used it when I was about to deliver.

And here is Alyssa!

I remembered Daddy A was beside me talking to my ear asking me to push. When Alyssa was born, Dr Tan reminded him to take photo as his camera was already at the tripod stand but he forgotten all about it.

While Daddy A was busy taking photo, Dr Tan was busy clearing all my blood clots (there was really a whole lot of them which I even discharged it the next day) and stitching my episiotomy. I had 10 stitches!

But I was glad to go through all these. The pain, the tiredness and the pushing were worth it after seeing Alyssa and it also made me treasure my mum much more than before.


A family pic!

Alyssa looks like a boy!

Mini Arsenal fan!

When Alyssa started to sit.

And crawl.

And stand.

Her first birthday!

She knows how to wear her own shoes!

CNY 2013

Her first overseas trip to Club Med Cherating Beach!

Her second overseas trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Her 2nd birthday!

In the Dumex family photo when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Asher.

Alyssa’s 1st trip to USS!

Alyssa’s 3rd overseas trip to Malaysia Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

I missed many of Alyssa’s milestones during her first year as I was busy working. And I am still very upset about it. Children grow up very fast! I’m glad that I get to spend more time with her now.

More photos to come!

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