About Asher

Asher was born in October 2013.

We wanted to have a second baby after Alyssa but it was a tough delivery when I gave birth to Alyssa and I got frightened.

I didn’t think of having another baby so soon as I was having quite a number of health problems and was always in and out of the GP and Specialist clinics. I even fainted and was sent to the emergency room of the hospital. I was put on a drip, which I hated. I was on a term of gastric medication which was not suitable for pregnancy. I was also scheduled to go for CT scan and MRI.

Considering my age and the age gap between Alyssa and her sibling, we decided to plan for pregnancy while waiting for my health to improve.
Why do I say plan?
Because we wanted to plan for a boy.

While planning for the pregnancy, I conceived without expecting it. I had a slip disc soon after conceiving and I was sent in to the hospital on the first day of Chinese New Year and had injection. I took very strong painkillers for the next couple of days.

We didn’t expect that I get pregnant. We found out that I was pregnant only on the day which I was scheduled to have my PAP Smear. I remember that PAP Smear test is best to be done 2 weeks after having menses. Then I realized that I missed my period. So, I did a pregnancy test that morning before I went into the clinic.


The pregnancy kit showed positive but we were neither surprised, nor happy, as we did not expect it. Daddy A even thought it might not be real.

We went in the clinic to see my gynae, Dr Tan, who also helped to deliver Alyssa. I was asked to do a urine test and it turned out positive.


Hence, Dr Tan did a vaginal ultrasound scan for me, instead of PAP smear test. However, there was no pregnancy sac detected.

Dr Tan explained that the urine test was accurate and there was a pregnancy. However, it might be an ectopic pregnancy if no pregnancy sac is detected in the uterus. Moreover, the medication, injection and painkillers that I had were under class C or worse. Hence, there’s a chance that this pregnancy will be abnormal or resulted in a miscarriage.

We were worried. Even though it may not be the best time for me to have the baby, but the baby is a gift from God. I would still want to keep the baby and hope that he’s a healthy baby.

I had another vaginal scan a week later. Dr Tan managed to see a pregnancy sac but cannot detect any heartbeat. He warned me again that there is a 50% chance for miscarriage.

I prayed hard everyday for my baby. I had already stopped all my medications as advised by Dr Tan. I had to endure my gastric and back pain. I did not have a huge appetite for food as compared to my first pregnancy in my first trimester.

I went back for a check up 2 weeks later and heartbeat was detected. However, Dr Tan told me that any abnormality can only be confirmed later on and when at birth. I was prescribed the hormone pills to stabilize the pregnancy. He also informed that miscarriage is normally caused by abnormal babies.

I went back at 12 weeks pregnancy for an Oscar scan. The sonographer asked me if I want to know the gender of the baby. She said it’s a boy! I didn’t quite believe her as she was the same sonographer who said Alyssa was a boy in my first pregnancy.


However, I went to see Dr Tan at week 13 as to ensure that the baby was fine at that stage. He wanted to confirm if it’s a boy for me. He looked at the ultrasound scan for a long time as Asher refused to open his legs. Daddy A was so anxious during that few minutes. Finally, my gynecologist said that it’s 90% boy!


We were confident of what he said but I still confirmed it with him at every monthly visit after that.

He took a few 3D scans of Asher when he was 13 weeks old.



Asher looks like an alien when he was 4 months old!

A 3D pic of Asher’s face just about 2 weeks before he was born.

Delivering Asher was much easier than Alyssa. However, I was diagnosed with mild gestational diabetes. I had very good appetite and ate a lot of carbohydrates and topped up with desserts. Hence, Asher grew quite a lot during the last few weeks although he was slightly smaller during my second trimester.

I walked a lot during my pregnancy with Asher as I took MRT train to and fro work and had to walk quite a distance. I also did squatting exercise during my last month of pregnancy and did more during the maternity leave before I gave birth. However, I was almost over 40 weeks and still yet to deliver. Hence, Dr Tan planned to see me that Wednesday afternoon and decide on the date for induction.

I had the ‘show’ that morning at 9am. I saw the blood when I went to the toilet just after I woke up. My contractions came very soon. I quickly took my shower and had a good breakfast. The contraction pain was much more painful than my first pregnancy. The pain level was about 3-4 when it started for this pregnancy compared to 1-2 when it started for my 1st pregnancy.

I reached RH at 11am. I told Daddy A to meet me there directly as he was already at work when I told him about my bleeding. The contractions were painful but the nurse told me that I was only 1cm dilated. Dr Tan decided to induce me in order to increase the dilation. He told me that I would probably deliver at 5pm and if I want any epidural. I decided to skip it since it didn’t work for me during my first delivery.

Daddy A went for lunch and my contractions got worse. However, the intervals were ranged from 5-15 mins and I was told that it has to be less than 3 mins in order to deliver. I requested for laughing gas and the pain level was at least 6-7. It did not help me to reduce much pain but it helped me to focus to breathe in the gas, so that my mind will be taken away from the pain. Daddy A came back and I told him I need the pain relief jab soon as I was really in pain. I felt that it was much more painful this time compared to my first delivery. Dr Tan said that my epidural might have worked a little during my first delivery but I guess it was because I was more awake this time round.

I was 6cm dilated and I had the injection jab around 130pm as Dr Tan said I would still deliver around 5pm. The anesthetist was leaving soon but I decided to go without the epidural at 2pm even though the pain level had already hit at least level 8. Dr Tan had just left the delivery ward to go to his clinic when I felt like I was going to poo. I was screaming loudly. I was in very great pain!

The nurses and Daddy A saw Asher’s hair! Dr Tan came back very soon. They inserted a tube for me to pee and realised that it was my bladder that blocked the dilation. I was fully dilated once the bladder was cleared. I had about 3 pushes and Asher was out without any assisted delivery. However, as Asher was a big baby, I also had 10 stitches for my episiotomy!

And here’s Asher when he was born!

Family pic!

Asher was born with a lot of hair!

Asher is botak!

3 months old Asher!

More photos to come!

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