I always wanted to blog.
I used to blog many years back with no specific topic. Mostly blogged about feelings.
I stopped blogging after I got a new job, got married, got pregnant, delivered Alyssa, changed job department, got pregnant again and delivered Asher.
Now, I feel like blogging again.
I have been writing notes or posts in FB whenever I have random thoughts.
I have been sharing deals regularly on my FB.
I am posting lots of pics of my lovely children.
Then why not start a blog to consolidate everything? I stopped blogging as I don’t have a lot of time to log in. However, I have been very active on FB. I can just switch back to blog and share on FB.
At least, I get to save my draft on a blog, instead of getting it missing in FB when I got busy with my baby in the middle of blogging.
And 登登 here it is!
Mummy Rei is blogging again with an upgraded status! A mother of two beautiful children…

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