Dumex Mum & Baby

Dumex®: Nutrition from the Heart

When I was young, I always remember the brand Dumex as there were only 2-3 milk brands in the market. It’s the tin in red and white with a child’s face on it. To me, Dumex is an old brand which I believe to be a reliable brand since it has been in the market for long.

How I got to be a Dumex Mum

Dumex has constantly been organizing seminars and events for mums to be and parents.

I wanted to attend baby seminars when I was pregnant with Alyssa but I had no time. And I chanced upon one of the Dumex seminars after I delivered Alyssa before she turned 6 months old. My hubby and I found the seminar very informative and I started to look out for more Dumex events from then on.

The goody bag from Dumex came with free samples and discount vouchers. Alyssa was turning 6 months old and we wanted to feed her with formula milk as I wanted to stop breast feeding. We tried out samples of formula milk for Alyssa. My hubby even tasted them. We like Dumex Mamil Gold the best as it is the least sweet, not oily and easy to dissolve. Alyssa also has no issue drinking Dumex Mamil Gold. She suffered constipation for some of the milk brands.

With the discount vouchers, I started buying Dumex Mamil Gold for Alyssa. I attended the launch of the new and improved Mamil® Gold PreciNutri. I was impressed that it has the highest DHA in the market and decided to go ahead with Mamil® Gold PreciNutri. Dumex always have very good promotions and I will always keep a lookout for it.

I got pregnant with Asher and decided to drink milk everyday as I read that drinking milk during pregnancy can help the child to grow taller later on in his life. Hence, I naturally decided to go ahead with Dumex Mamil Mama. I also tried out many samples from other milk brands but I either don’t like their taste or I find them too sweet.

Dumex organized many seminars under Parenting from the Heart series, which I attended a few. I love the tips and advice from the seminars speakers. I also love the goodies in their goody bags!

Daddy A and I were in this!

I was also a user of Dumex’s Heart knows Best community website. It’s a place where parents connect to share their personal experience by asking and answering questions. Dumex Careline advisors and professionals may also answer your queries.

I guess these are some of the reasons why Dumex approached me to take a video shoot of my family to share on my motherhood experience. Of cos, Alyssa is a Dumex baby. We gladly accepted the opportunity as it’s an all new experience for all of us.

While sharing my motherhood experience, I teared. I always feel guilty for missing out on some parts of Alyssa’s life. I was always giving my excuse by saying I was working. Now as I look back, is work really more important than family? The answer is No.

I’m glad that I have chosen family over work and switched to a better work life balance lifestyle. Because of Alyssa, I actually spend more time with Asher now as I do not want to miss out any parts of his life.

Children grow up very fast. And once they grew up, there’s never a repeat of that part of their lives in which you can take part in.

I’m glad I took part in the Dumex motherhood sharing experience just before I delivered Asher. It reminded me of how important I am to my children. I make an effort to spend time with Alyssa and Asher nowadays.

Dumex is really parenting from the heart.

Thank you, Dumex for walking this journey with me. I’m happy to be a Dumex mum!

Watch my video!

Alyssa and I also appeared in the latest Parenting from the Heart event poster.

Parenting from the Heart Dinner Event

Parenting from the Heart Dinner Event

The TV Ad!

We attended the event!


Watch the Event Ad here!

Dumex® brief history
Dumex® has been a household brand in South-East Asia since the 1940s and is part of Groupe Danone, a Fortune 500 company. A specialist in child nutrition, Danone Dumex® has been the trusted brand in baby and child nutrition in Singapore since 1959.

Dumex 1Plus, the first nutritionally stage tailored milk was introduced in 1991. In 1996, Dumex 3Plus milk for children 3-6 years was launched. Dumex 6Plus milk for children 6 years and above was launched in 1998.

Dumex was the first to fortify milk with DHA as part of the Maxi-QTM formula in 2003. In 2007, an internationally patented prebiotic blend (GOS & lcFOS) was introduced into Dumex milk formula.

Dumex was awarded Hitwise Top 10 websites in Singapore in Food & Beverage – Brands & Manufacturers Industry in 2009 and launched the all new Mamil® Gold Growing Up Milk with 5 x DHA in 2010. The following year, Danone Research center for Asia Pacific, dedicated to maternal and baby nutrition, and supporting Dumex® Sciences Institute in Singapore’s Biopolis was opened. Launch of Dugro Formulas with Healthier Choice Symbol was in the same year.

In 2012, I was present in the launch of new and improved Mamil® Mama and Mamil® Gold PreciNutriTM. Danone Dumex Singapore was also awarded silver award for Singapore Health Award Excellence in workplace health.
Dumex Mamil Gold

Image credits: Dumex Singapore

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