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I have posted about free formula milk samples in February 2014. And now, as Asher is 6 months old now, this post came useful. I decided to turn it to a page for easy access for all, in case anyone missed out.

I have requested for Stage 2 samples for Asher as I want to let him try out all the different brands of formula milk as I know every child reacts differently to the same brand of milk.

I am still breastfeeding Asher but since day 1, my milk supply is insufficient. Asher was taking Enfamil Step 1 in Raffles Hospital. Hence, we supplemented him with Enfamil Step 1 milk powder but he passed out hard solid stools in his first week! Hence, the pediatrician advised us to switch to Similac Step 1. However, we find this milk powder is hard to dissolve and it is a bit oily. Then we switched to Dumex Mamil Gold Step 1. It was fine. However, in order to prevent Asher being a fussy baby as we realised that he will stick to 1 brand and refused my breast milk as it has different tastes everyday, we decided to switch back to Enfamil since he is bigger. A friend of mine also passed me a bottle of Similac Step 1 as it is not suitable for her child. Hence, Asher rotates around the 2 brands currently but he mostly drinks my breast milk.

As we all know, breastmilk is the best for babies. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. Unnecessary introduction of bottle feeding or other food and drinks will have a negative impact on breastfeeding.

After 6 months of age, infants should receive age-appropriate foods while breastfeeding continues for up to 2 years of age or beyond. We are advised to consult our doctor before deciding to use infant formula or if we have difficulty breastfeeding.

Hence, there is no longer any samples for Stage 1 (0-6 months old) milk formula. When I gave birth to Asher last October, I had to sign my consent when I want Asher to be fed formula in hospital.

I don’t think I have the persistence to breastfeed Asher up to 2 years old. I gave up breastfeeding when Alyssa was 8 months old as I was busy and stressed with work and had to be on a gastric medication for months. My milk supply reduced a lot after Alyssa reached 6 months old as I reduced the number of times in expressing my milk and Alyssa no longer wake up for night feeds then.

I also reduce the number of times of expressing my milk recently as I am very busy with work. Due to stress, my milk supply reduces. I am glad that formula milk samples are available for babies of 6 months old onwards. It’s time to let Asher drinks more of formula milk.

I really don’t know how long I can persist to continue to breastfeed for this time. It’s tiring to breastfeed but Asher still wakes up for night feeds. It is also expensive to buy formula milk powder for Asher to drink. Breast milk is free!

It is cheaper for me to buy milk powder for lactating mothers. I drink milk every night in order to ensure that my breast milk contains adequate nutrition for Asher. I have been drinking Dumex Mamil Mama since I was pregnant and I just finished my last bottle when Asher hits 6 months old. Initially, I didn’t plan to breastfeed after 6 months. While requesting for Asher’s milk samples, I also requested for mine since I am still breastfeeding. I just received my samples for Enfa mama. I bought Anmum and Similac mum when I was pregnant with Alyssa. I also tried Frisomum before but I find it sweet although it is smooth and tasty. So now, I shall try others.

Milk formula are divided into the following general categories:
Stage 0: For lactating mothers
Stage 1: For babies 0-6 months old
Stage 2: For babies 6-12 months old
Stage 3: For babies 1-3 years old
Stage 4: For toddlers 3-6 years old
Stage 5: For children above 6 years old
Special: For children 1-10 years old (For picky eaters)

You can request for your free samples as below. You are required to provide your personal information and the sample will be delivered to you. It is normally restricted to 1 per household. Information of the brands and products are provided as below.

Danone Dumex®:
Mamil® Gold PreciNutri™ Range

Dumex® Mamil® Gold is the most advanced and premium product range developed with Dumex® Sciences Institute. Dumex® Mamil® Gold is the first and only* range of formula with no added sucrose for maternal, follow-up and growing up milk.

*Among all formula milk in Singapore as of May 2013.

This is what they have sent to me. The tin of 400g of Mamil Gold Step 2 is missing from the photo as I have brought it home for Asher to drink. It came with a $25 discount voucher! I definitely buy a tin as the discount is the highest among all brands!


Apr 2014: 400g tin of Step 2 milk powder is missing from this photo.

Updated on 09 Nov 2014: Dumex sent me a first birthday pack for Asher and a step 4 sample for Alyssa as she is 3 years old.

I love the first birthday pack! Besides the Step 3 samples, it comes with many other gifts!


Oct 2014: First Birthday Pack by Dumex

Step 4 Samples:


Sep 2014: Step 4 Dumex Samples for 3 years old and above

Aug 2016: My best friend is pregnant and I told her about requesting for milk powder samples for pregnancy. This is what she got!

Jul 2016: Mamil Mama Gift Pack for pregnancy mothers

2 tins of Mamil Mama with freebies! Well, maybe I should get pregnant again. Haha. I drank Mamil Mama when I was pregnant with Asher and I loved it!

Request for your free sample here.

FrieslandCampina Friso:
Friso Gold range

The new advanced Frisoshield System of nutrients has a unique combination of important nutrients to meet the nutritional demands of a growing child.

This is what they had sent to me!


Apr 2014: Step 2 Sample Pack

I love this as it came along with a $3 discount voucher to buy Friso Gold cereal. Since Frisocream changed to Friso Gold cereal, the price of each tin has increased to $10. Alyssa has been eating this cereal and we have recently started Asher on this too.

Updated 9 Nov 2014: Just before Asher turns one and I received the Step 3 samples. Friso took the initiative to send us the birthday pack without asking.


Oct 2014: First Birthday Pack by Friso

Request for your free sample here.

Abbott Similac: &
Similac, Grow & Pediasure

Similac Follow-on (After 6 months), Similac Gain (For 1 year onward) and Similac Gain Kid (For 3 years onward) is now enhanced with Intelli-Pro™, with higher Lutein* and DHA+ to help with brain and eye development.
Grow® (For 3-6 years old) and Grow School® (For 6-12 years old) are formulated with ImmuniGrow™ nutrients.
PediaSure® (For 1-10 years old) is a complete and balanced nutritional supplement specially developed for children aged 1 to 10 years who miss and do not complete their meals or who are picky about what they eat. Lactose Free and Gluten Free.

I have been feeding Alyssa with Pediasure as she is underweight. Alyssa loves the chocolate flavour and drinks it everyday!

Here is the 6-12 months sample for Similac. It comes with a bag, a mug cover and a rattle!


Apr 2014: Step 2 Sample Pack

Aug 2016: Abbott sent me a sample pack for Grow Preschool (3-6 years old) for Asher as he is approaching 3 years old. I was hoping for chocolate flavor though. However, I’m glad for their thoughtfulness.

Aug 2016: Grow Preschool Sample Pack

You can request for Pediasure samples for children aged 1-10 years old.

Sep 2016: Pediasure Samples

Request for your free sample here.

Mead Johnson Enfa:
Enfamil & Enfagrow range

Enfamil A+ Stage 2 is a nutritionally balanced follow-on formula for babies after 6 months.
Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 with DHA Plus is designed to provide an increased DHA level of 78%.
Enfagrow A+ Stage 4 with DHA Plus is designed to provide an increased DHA level of 38%.
Enfagrow A+ Stage 5 is formulated with Triple Protection Guard, a unique blend of nutrients including DHA, Prebiotics (FOS & Inulin), Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

This is what I have received. The $5 voucher can only be used in Cold Storage Group. It comes with a small alphabet poster which you can stick on your fridge or wall.


Apr 2014: Step 2 Sample Pack

Request for your free sample here.

Wyeth Nutrition S-26:
S-26 range

Premium Follow-on Milk S-26 Promil Gold for babies after 6 months
Premium range of Growing Up Milk S-26 Progress Gold for children aged 1-3 years and
S-26 Promise Gold for children 3 years onward
S-26 PE GOLD, formulated to supplement the diet of picky eating kids aged 1-12 years old
Wyeth Biofactors System™ is a comprehensive series of nutritious formulas specially designed to help ensure your growing child receives high-quality nutrients in the right amounts which help to support his/her growth and development at their specific stage of life.

They do not send a 400g tin, unlike other brands. They sent me 2 packets which contain 2 sachets of samples in each packet.


Apr 2014: Step 2 Samples

This is the mummy’s milk sample pack.


Early 2014: S-26 Mama Sample Pack for pregnancy and lactating mothers

Request for your free sample here.

NESTLÉ® NAN® range

NAN® Pro 2 with Protect Plus™ is a specific follow-up formula which contains BL Bifidus and OPTI PRO2.
NAN® Gro 3 is the new name for NAN® Pro 3, a premium junior follow-up formula scientifically designed for your 10 month and older toddler’s needs.
NAN® Kid 4 has a unique combination of PROTECT BUILD™ nutrients.

Request for your free sample here.
You need to join Nestlé Baby Club to request for NAN® Pro 2 sample. Alternatively, You can request for samples via their consumer services team at 6836 7200 or e-mail them at

DCG Karihome:
Karihome Goat Milk range

Dairy Goat Co-operative (N.Z.) Ltd (“DGC”) is the world’s leading manufacturer of goat milk nutritional powder products. DGC developed the world’s first commercialised infant formula from goat milk. All Karihome Goat Milk formulas are manufactured by DGC.

They charge you $6 for home delivery or you can collect a tin from their office at Peace Centre.


Apr 2014: No frill Karihome Sample Tin

Request for your free sample here.

Apta Advantage:
Aptamil Gold+ Toddler & Junior (Updated in June 2016)

This is a new brand in Singapore. However, this is a common brand in Australia. I bought a can for my children in my last trip in May 2016 but they have yet to try. Finally, this brand has arrived in Singapore and imported from New Zealand.

Image Credit: Apta Advantage Singapore

I have requested for the samples. Below are the packs that were mailed to me.

Jul 2016: Aptamil Sample Pack


Jul 2016: I have 2 children. First pack came with a voucher and a member card which entitled you to some privileges. Second pack arrived few days later with a voucher. The voucher is for collection of a 900g tin of milk powder from NTUC Fariprice.

Request for your free sample here.

Danone Dumex® Dugro®:
Dupro® Dugro® 360° Nutrition™ Range

Dugro® is our all-time favorite growing up milk that is trusted and loved by generations of Singapore children. Dugro® is accredited with the ‘Healthier Choice Symbol’ by Health Promotion Board as it is lower in sugar & lower in saturated fat as compared to regular growing up milk and with increased calcium.

No free sample available online. You may wish to call Dumex Careline at 1800 265 3188.

For more information on the products, read up my post which was first published in Feb 2014.

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    May I know if it is alright to introduce so many different brands of milk formula to lo?


    • Rei says:

      I fed my baby different brands of formula milk for him to try out. I don’t want to fix on a particular brand initially as I prefer to let him try out to see which is most suitable for him. Moreover, if that particular brand is not available, at least he’s not fussy to be fed using another brand. Depends on you as a parent. I was still breastfeeding my boy after 6 months old. However, I did not have enough breast milk as I was working. Hence, I supplemented with formula milk.


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